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     So easy to take with you anywhere!

Simply add a 1-gram sachet 

to 1 quart (or litre) of water

With all the demands you put on your body every day, common sense tells us that it does matter what kind of water you put into your body.

Ericssons' sachets when added to your drinking water supply your body with:



High pH for healthy pH balance

70+ trace minerals for optimal levels of minerals

Vital Electrolytes

Easy absorption of minerals

  Adding a sachet to your water removes the chlorine which which gives purified water a pleasing natural taste!


your body's 

          Minerals &                  Electrolytes                   Daily         



Alka-Mine sachets


Ericssons' sachets contain an all-natural mineral complex that release beneficial trace minerals into the water.  These minerals can be easily absorbed and used to support your body's metabolic functions.  Every Ericssons' sachet contains calcium, magnesium, and over 70 naturally-occurring trace minerals. 


In maintaining a healthy pH balance, your body must have an abundant supply of ionic minerals, especially calcium.  Ensuring that your body gets the optimal level of minerals it needs is a vital component to being healthy.  Hydrate your body on a cellular level and alkalize at the same time! 


Higher alkalinity means the water you drink with Ericssons Alka Mine mineral sachets can fight against acidic conditions within the body.

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